Scott Gray , Director

Scott Gray , Director

Scott Gray


The Chamber Board just seemed like a good fit for Scott as he has always believed that if he or the paper can help your business grow, his business will grow as well. He believes in this community and wants it to succeed. As advertising manager at the Courier, Scott has a vested interest in all the businesses in the area. He spent thirty years in sales and marketing with the Pepsi Cola company. That, combined with 5 years working for Hostess Foods as a VP of sales, provides for a valuable background offered by Scott. 2014 marks Scott's 2nd on the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and he is excited with the direction we are headed. He has lived for 12 years in the area, but admittedly was too busy traveling for work to worry about the community,. Now, with his job at the Courier, Scott believes the community is his job.

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