Statement to the Record on the Centennial Anniversary of Enumclaw, WA

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Jan 25, 2013

Mr. Speaker, as the member with the honor of representing this city, I rise to honor the centennial anniversary of the City of Enumclaw, celebrated Sunday, January 27, 2013.

Enumclaw was platted on October 31, 1885, when the railroad decided to come through the area, and was incorporated in 1913. With a population of 11,490, they are the “Gateway” to Mt. Rainier, lying just on the north edge of the national park.

Over the last century, Enumclaw evolved from a railroad town, reliant on the logging industry, to a vibrant community contributing much to the economic growth of the region. Today, it is home to a wide range of companies large and small such as the Helac Corporation, Mutual of Enumclaw, and Enumclaw Regional Hospital. Enumclaw is a small city with a big heart and fully embraces its role helping people from around the world experience the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park.

With all this growth and change, Enumclaw continues to maintain a deep sense of friendship and community. For example, Mr. Speaker, the Pacific Northwest Highland Games, a city celebration that grew from a group of Scots eager to keep their ethnic origin alive.

I have enjoyed participating in many activities and events, going back to my days as a King County Sheriff Deputy working the King County Fair in beautiful Enumclaw and am honored to represent the great people of this city.

Enumclaw held on to its agricultural roots, evident by the large number of farms and equestrian activities. The city is recognized as a great place to live, work and raise a family. As Mayor Reynolds, along with all of Enumclaw’s dedicated City Council members, continue to build on Enumclaw’s rich history, we look forward to partnering with and aiding the city’s success in years to come.

Mr. Speaker, I again offer congratulations to the City of Enumclaw for a wonderful, rich first century and together wish them the best as they move into their second century of prosperity.

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